Much guru what?? Or an explanation of my page’s name

It all goes back to … well, not that far back – 2013, to be precise, that was the year the .guru top level domains became available. Why guru you might ask? Well, the ‘guru’ part comes from the infamous Amiga error screen (sort of like a BSOD in Windows), which I always thought was a very funny way of letting the computer user know something has gone terribly wrong (especially if you know the origins of the notice 😉 ).

This is how the Guru Meditation looks like:

Guru meditation

Image source:

The ‘much’ part comes from the 2013′ Doge meme, which for some reason I found very amusing, and since I couldn’t come up with a better name for my page anyway, I just used that. Unfortunately, I couldn’t register ‘much’ domain because of a trademark claim from some Canadian company, so I settled for ‘somuch’.

Image source:

Image source:

And that’s how my page got its silly name 😉

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