An update on minimig, and a (late) Happy New Year!

I know there wasn’t much updates on the minimig status, but with good (;)) reason: I’ve been pretty busy, so I had little time to work on minimig updates. I did spend quite some time on rewriting the CPU <-> minimig interface, which will hopefully reduce timing problems and enable me to finally add the ethernet Zorro interface. The CPU clock will also be reduced to 28MHz, hopefully that won’t affect the CPU speed much. This is quite a complex task, so don’t expect results immediately.

On the other hand, I’m trying to fix some smaller problems and bug reports, and the intermediate beta releases will be available as I work toward the v1.3 release. I already have the supporting scripts ready that will help me build the firmware & core, increase build numbers, git tag & commit, zip it up and upload it to the server. First of these releases is already available here:

Or, alternatively, there will be a .zip file that will always contain the last released version here:

Don’t expect too many changes though – each new release will probably only contain two or three small updates. In this release, just two changes are important: fixing the SDRAM refresh counter, which should help with RAM stability, and the OSD display fix for productivity video modes. More to follow soon, though! 😉



The latest beta builds will be available here:



16 thoughts on “An update on minimig, and a (late) Happy New Year!

  1. Mahen says:

    Hey Rok, should we start reporting bugs against those first beta versions or should we wait a little ? (as you undertook big changes)

    Thanks 🙂

    • chaos says:


      sure, bug reports are always welcome! 😉 Especially any new issues, that weren’t reported before, like any new graphical glitches, besides the already known bugs like the shift of one whole screen column from left to the far right side.

      Thank you 🙂

  2. Bruno Fonseca says:


    I am a new MiST usei and I am in Love with the Minimig core.

    It is amazing how the work of a dedicate enthusiast can have such an impact on the community, and for that I would like to leave my heartfelt THANK YOU for all the work you have done for all of us.

    I assume for the slow update cycle that Real Life got in the way of this project and it has almost halted. Is it correct?

    Would a Patreon help refuel the desire to keep working on the project?

    Anyway, I already have more than I could ask, so thank you again!

  3. Michciu says:

    Hello Rok and everybody,

    from my side also a great thank you for your great contribution into minimig core! I hope you will continue and never give up!;)
    Although I have an original Minimig hardware and also FPGA Arcade Replay board, the MiST is up to now my favourite platform for Amiga core! Anyway I’ve found recently a strange problem using this core (ver. 1.2 – the latest official) on my MiST. The problem occurs in game Eye of the Beholder 2 – the legend of darkmoon. This game uses an extra adf save disk. While I am trying to load a previously saved game the disk 1 of EOB2 – which besides save.adf takes part in save/load process – gets corrupted and useless… All I can do is to delete the disk1.adf and copy anew on SD. Nevertheless the whole repeats and I am never able to load a saved game.

    What is funny this never happens on pure WinUAE, but also not on Minimig and on Replay board (both with latest Amiga cores on them respectively) – I can save and load the game any time I want. I only admit on MiST, Minimig, Replay and WinUAE I have the same Amiga 500 configuration (CPU 68000, chipset ECS, chip ram 1MB, no slow RAM, no fast RAM) – a slight adjustment of configuration does not help to solve the problem either. For me it looks like a mist_minimig specific issue, but maybe I am wrong.

    This is acctually a whole thread, not a comment – sorry for comming up with this here – anyway please advise me a right forum for this issue. I will provide any further Information, screenshots or whatever if you find this issue worth your attention. I would really like to complete EOB2 with my favourite MiST…


    • AmigaIstMist says:

      This is a known problem with some SD cards, there is already a bug report for this. I had this problem, too. After changing the SD card, I was able to write to ADFs without corrupting them. But it is unclear ATM, which cards work, and which not 🙁

  4. Michciu says:

    The same question as Rayne. Is there any activity in further development of minimig core for mist? Best regards!

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