Back in business!

Just got this board a few days ago! Thank yous go to mahen, who was kind enough to sponsor the board for me (thanks again man, I really appreciate it!).

DE10 Nano board

For those not familiar with it, this board is the basis of MiSTer, which is a project that aims to recreate various classic computers, game consoles, and arcade machines on FPGA hardware – and as the name implies, you could say it is a continuation of the MiST project.

The board is surprisingly small, almost the size of an Arduino Mega, but really powerful, with a CycloneV FPGA with more LEs than the one on the DE1-SoC board, plus it has an HDMI output. The only thing missing is some extra SDRAM, but that can be attached to the expansion connector. You can read more about the board here.

The reason I got this board was to continue working on the minimig core, and the first thing I have planned is to try and implement a CPU emulation on the hard ARM CPU cores, that could replace (or at least be an alternative) the tg68k CPU core.

I’ll have to wait to receive the other MiSTer parts besides the FPGA board (at least the SDRAM addon is mandatory for the minimig core), but until then, I really want to try and make something with the HDMI output, as I’ve never worked with it.

And I have just the right project in mind! Will post an update in a day or so.


Until then … cheers!


p.s.: I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted anything :S

11 thoughts on “Back in business!

  1. xavier says:

    Welcome back! Nice to hear from you again! I wish you the best for your projects…
    I also bought this main board for the MiSTer project and I am actually working on a 128 Mo SDRAM daughter board assembled by myself: it is a task not as easy I expected but I like soldering activities and challenge. For now, one daughter board not functioning at all and another one with only one chip of 64 Mo working at 140 MHz via memtest tool. So, I already ran minimig core with this 64 Mo of SDRAM and launched Turrican 2 game successfully. I hope to breath some live into the remaining 64 Mo…

    • chaos says:

      Hey xavier, welcome back also!

      Good luck with your boards, I hope you’ll finish them (successfully!) soon. Myself, I usually try to avoid any hand-soldering if possible 😉


  2. Juri says:

    Hello Chaos, great news you’re back and doing some magic on the minimig core.
    please if you have a patreon page let me know i would like to support.

  3. Matthew Simon William Langtry says:

    maybe chat on im sure some of the group wouldn’t mind pitching in for some sdram for u

  4. raparici says:

    Amazing News !!

    As we say in Spain, It’s never late if the purpose is good.

    What a great mission you set to get back to be active in the scene. Wishing all the best in it.


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