Problems with this page

Either I messed something updating the WordPress installation, or I had a break-in on this site – the end result being that some posts seem to be missing, together with some of the pictures and attachments.

I’ve re-installed WordPress, changed the password, and hopefully re-uploaded all the missing bits and pieces. If you see anything missing or some broken links, please let me know!

Much guru what?? Or an explanation of my page’s name

It all goes back to … well, not that far back – 2013, to be precise, that was the year the .guru top level domains became available. Why guru you might ask? Well, the ‘guru’ part comes from the infamous Amiga error screen (sort of like a BSOD in Windows), which I always thought was a very funny way of letting the computer user know something has gone terribly wrong (especially if you know the origins of the notice 😉 ).

This is how the Guru Meditation looks like:

Guru meditation

Image source:

The ‘much’ part comes from the 2013′ Doge meme, which for some reason I found very amusing, and since I couldn’t come up with a better name for my page anyway, I just used that. Unfortunately, I couldn’t register ‘much’ domain because of a trademark claim from some Canadian company, so I settled for ‘somuch’.

Image source:

Image source:

And that’s how my page got its silly name 😉