DE1 board

Minimig-DE1 / DE2

These minimig builds are for the Terasic DE1 / DE2 boards.

Latest build

minimig-de1-rel6 (2014-07-06)

  • minimig core updated with changes from FSB140414_r2
  • TG68K.c core by Tobiflex updated, some games (like Lost Vikings) now work OK
  • a new 2kB two-way instruction cache for the TG68 CPU, the CPU has ~ 3x speedup according to Sysinfo
  • old bootup code has been removed to make space for the cache and a new boot screen was implemented with a (hopefully!) nice animation
  • added HRTmon support, thanks to ToniWilen for supplying a modified HRTmon ROM
  • added real Amiga mouse support from the Chameleon minimig port
  • added PS/2 Intellimouse support that allows the scroll wheel to work, thanks to MMrobinsonb5 for supplying the mouse driver source (driver is included in the archive), works with the FreeWheel program
  • fixed keyboard joystick emulation, the CTRL key no longer pauses the game in Turrican II
  • keyboard mouse emulation on the numeric keypad
  • updated handling of joystick & mouse buttons to allow Asterix game to work (POTGO register)
  • the ‘Amiga-side’ serial port is now added on the DE1 board, I rewrote the serial core written by madeho to Verilog (allows 9bit serial mode)
  • a fix for fastRAM handling when there is 0 fastRAM configured – fixes games like Wizkid & Stardust
  • fixed floppy write error
  • extended the OSD SPI protocol so it can handle more config data
  • the OSD SPI protocol is now also used to upload the kickstart image
  • + anything I forgot 😉







Previous builds

minimig-de1-rel5 (2012-11-27)

  • flash is no longer used
  • the bootscreen can now be ‘drawn’ to
  • keyboard joystick emulation is moved to the cursor keys + LCTRL, LALT keys
  • fixes for a bunch of bugs, like the “illegal track read” on boot
  • hopefully more compatible SD card code
  • + lots of other small changes








DE1 board switches / keys:

  • SW9 – scandoubler enable
  • SW7 – audio L/R switch
  • SW6 – audio mix (mix some left audio to right channel and vice-versa)
  • KEY3 – left mouse button
  • KEY2 – right mouse button
  • KEY0 – reset

Keyboard emulation:

  • F12 – OSD menu
  • Ctrl+Break – start monitor (HRTmon)
  • NumLock – enable keyboard mouse/joystick emulation
  • NumSlash – left mouse button
  • NumStar – right mouse button
  • NumPad – mouse movement
  • Cursor keys – joystick up/down/left/right
  • LCtrl – joystick fire 1
  • LAlt – joystick fire 2

Add-on board

Since the DE1 & DE2 boards don’t have anything resembling a joystick port, and the DE1 is missing a second PS/2 port for the mouse, I made a small adapter PCB that you can build and enjoy real Amiga joysticks & mice (plus some other goodies, like PS/2 keyboard + mouse on a single PS/2 connector, SPI port for the fairly standard SPI ENC28J60 ethernet board and a microSD slot). The board is compatible with most of the DEx boards from Terasic, like DE0, DE1, DE2, DE2-70, DE2-115, DE1-SOC and probably the Cyclone V GX STarter kit boards.

BoM is available here:

5 thoughts on “Minimig-DE1 / DE2

  1. the auto fire was a nice touch, having said that I spent the first few muetins trying to figure out how to shoot before moving out to take out the opponent.Independant turret movement was also cool and the way the tank controlled felt realistic aswell (in that the rotation happened on the spot and up was always forward).This would, I imagine, be wuite fun with someone else to play.

  2. pik33 says:

    The forum is damaged and instead of logging me in it returns a lot of system errors… so I write here: after I upgraded minimig de1 from rel5 to rel6, kickstart 1.3 is no longer working. Kickstart 2.0 works.

    A lot of demos cannot work anymore then.

    So I downgraded this to rel5 again and I have working Amiga again.

    What could I did wrong?

    • chaos says:


      Is by any chance your 1.3 kickstart only 256kB? If that is the case, can you find a 512kB 1.3 kickstart ROM (overdump), or make one by yourself – on Windows, you would run something like:

      copy kick13.rom /b + kick13.rom /b kick13_512.rom /b

      which would produce a 512kB file from a 256kB ROM.

      I think the kickstart ROM upload is broken if the ROM is not 512kB, but I’ll have to check.

    • chaos says:


      this would require at least a re-compile for the different FPGA, plus updated pin mappings. I’m not sure it would work even then (as evident with the latest DE2 release, which for some reason doesn’t work). Most probable cause is different timings with on-chip (CPU core probably) and off-chip paths (SDRAM). Someone with a DE2-115 board should try it, I don’t have this board so I can’t do this, sorry.

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