Original Minimig

These builds contain some added features on top of the builds provided by boing4000 on the forum.

Latest build: minimig-rel4 (2016-02-14)

  • base build: FSB150520
  • blitter line mode fixed (fixes demos like SushiBoyz & Sunglasses by Ghostown, Vectorize by RSi, etc)
  • added support for undocumented Denise/Agnus behaviour when BPL=7 in ECS/OCS mode (fixes demos like SushiBoyz by Ghostown, Sliced&Diced by Dekadence, etc)
  • fixed CIA TOD bug (fixes Batman The Movie and/or Flimbos Quest games)
  • added keyboard joystick emulation on CTRL,ALT, cursor keys
  • added keyboard mouse emulation on numeric keypad (keyboard & joystick emulation is enabled with the NumLock key)
  • added proper handling of mouse buttons with the POTGO register (for Asterix game)
  • added real Amiga mouse support from the minimig-tc64 port
  • added PS/2 mouse scroll wheel support, the driver is included in the archive (works with FreeWheel program)



Previous builds


20 thoughts on “Original Minimig

  1. Chris says:


    I’m relatively new to the Minimig and tried your latest core.
    It seems that in some games and demos there are some graphical glitches.
    For instance in Sushi Boyz from Ghostown there horizontal stripes visible on the 3d objects.
    Is this normal?

  2. chaos says:


    I looked at the demo, and there are indeed some problems visible. It looks like a blitter line mode or fill problem.

    I’ll take some time to look into this, I’ll let you know when / if I fix it.

  3. Chris says:

    Hi Chaos,

    Thanks for the feedback. Also have seen some stripes in some games. Then I at least know that I did not do something wrong. It seems that more demos from Ghostown act strange. Sunglasses at night also acts a bit strange I think.

  4. chaos says:


    I think I have a fix for this. It certainly looks like a blitter problem. Can you send me a list of all demos / games where you saw any horizontal lines that seemed out of place? Thanks!

  5. Chris says:


    I just tested some games randomly (chaos) and downloaded demos from poeut.
    So I did not make a list. My initial question was if I maybe did something wrong.
    Because you see the same issue I did at least not make a stupid mistake.

  6. Pedro says:

    Great new release (rel4), but not easy to find on the side. Found it only, because i read in the blitter-fix thread and then saw the link. I think, many people could overlook it. Good would be, when you could make a new thread in called new core… and then the name of your new core. Then all people can easily find it.

  7. Daniel says:

    Hi, thank you for your great work!

    Though it seems like you have a great knowledge of this core designing stuff, i would like to ask you if you think it would be possible to do an alternate core with less power in turbo mode, for example 14 mhz. I think many games would benefit from it.

    I already asked for it in some forums but there is no solution in sight until now.

  8. chaos says:


    someone already mentioned to me some sound problems in some games when turbo is enabled. Are there any other problems?

    Theoretically, a 14MHz turbo mode should be doable. I’m working on some other stuff right now, but when I get back to minimig, I’ll try to fix this.

    • Daniel says:

      No there is no real Problem, i only think many games which are too slow on original 7mhz, but which are also way too fast and therefore unplayable on the actual turbo mode with 48mhz, would benefit a lot from the change. (for example Syndicate, Wing Commander, Wings and many more).
      Thanks for your efforts.

  9. Bruno says:

    Great side here with good cores. I read on, that some new incompatibilities was found. One is visible in the demo “Deformations” from the group “Deform”. Looks like a blitter-problem again, so the 100% compatibility is still not reached in the blitter. I think it`s close before, but not 100% and this demo shows a bug. And the other demo is “Cool Fridge” from the group “Upfront”. Here is a problem in the part “Smooth Copper” and this demo also dont work correct in the latest WinUAE emulator. Seems like this “Cool Fridge” is very hard to emulate, when even newest software-emulators can`t emulator it perfect. And this is a known problem for the WinUAE people, because i googled this demo and found a thread in EAB-forum from 2013, where this WinUAE-incompatibility is mentioned. But it`s still now solved. Maybe it can be solved in the Minimig?

    • chaos says:


      thanks for the report. I’ll look at these new issues as soon as possible. As for the ‘Cool Fridge’ demo, I think I discussed this with Toni sometime ago, I’ll have to go dig through old emails.

  10. Bruno says:

    Hello Chaos. There are some news about the incompatibilites in “Cool Fridge”. Toni Wilen fixed this now in the newest “WinUAE 3.4.0 beta 1”. In the readme of the new emulator version is written: “””Added hack that fixes Smooth Copper part in demo Coolfridge / Upfront.”””. Maybe this can also be fixed on the Minimig in the next updates, this would be great. And Toni perhaps can give some tips in fixing this. Don`t know how much a software-emulator and fpga-core/firmware differs in this issue, but maybe the way to the solution is similar.

  11. Heinfried Feinbein says:

    Any news here about the last incompatibilities which are left before 100% perfection? Could some of the bugs are identified and wiped out?

    I mean things like problems in software like:

    – The Deep (Game) – missing DSKBYTR register therefore game dont load
    – Abandon Megademo 1 (Demo) – graphic errors in one part
    – Speedball 2 (Game) – sample is only played half when ball shoots out at start of match
    – Deformations (Demo) – graphic errors in two parts of the demo
    – Cool Fridge (Demo) – “smooth copper” part has massive problems
    – extended-adf support is missing – therefore some game-savedisks dont work
    – ipf-support is missing

    • chaos says:


      I’m not currently working on those issues, and I don’t think anyone else is either. I’ll tackle those problems sometime in the future. Stay tuned! 🙂

  12. Heinfried Feinbein says:

    Sure. You made good work with the fixes until now, Chaos. Thanks for that. We are near to perfection and it`s very hard to find new incompatibilities now.

  13. Ali Mente 25 says:

    Any news here, concerning the last unfixed incompatibilities (The Deep, Deformations, Cool Fridge, missing DSKBYTR register and missing extended-adf support)?

    Is there a chance that a fix will come for some of these things in nearer future?

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